Vylano Viva Vienna



DOB                                             21/02/2016

Height                                            59cm

HD                                                3/6       

ED                                                 0/2

Haemophilia                                   NA

Degenerative Myelopathy                  Carrier

Pituitary Dwarfism                             Clear

MDR1                                           Clear

MPS                                              TBC

IGP Titles                                        -

Competitive Obedience Titles             -

KC Good Citizen Award                   Bronze

Vienna's Sire : Lararth Vegas

HD 5/4 ED 0/0

Una's Dam : Beyonce z Gargamellu

HD/ED FCI Normal


 Una is our homebred bitch from Booshka (Beyonce) and german DDR stud Jamiro. 

She is a very high drive bitch who loves nothing more than being out and on the go, yet is a calm and easy girl to live with. She has a super sweet nature and is friends to all she meets including our adopted orphan lamb Joey.

Unfortunately due to recent times we have been unable to attend any training as I hoped to title Una in both IGP and competitive obedience. As soon as we are able we will be back training in the mean time Una is proving to be an excellent mum just like her dam Booshka was. She had her first litter August 2020 and what a fabulous litter is has proven to be.

With her excellent temperament, character, health and pedigree she is a fabulous addition to our kennel and will be the future of our breeding lines. 

Vylano GSD

Mersington - Scottish Borders