Pippin Apple at Kelcastle



DOB                                             18/01/2021     

HD                                                TBC       

ED                                                TBC

EYES                                             TBC

PRA                                               CLEAR

EIC                                                TBC

HNPK                                            TBC           

MCD                                             TBC 

CNM                                            TBC     

SD2                                              TBC    


Hattie's Sire: Afinmore Amsterdam

HD 3/4 - ED 0/0 - DNA Clear - PRA/EIC/MCD/HNPK/Stargardt

Hattie's Dam - Pliquette Apple

HD 2/3 - ED 0/0 - DNA Clear PRA - Eyes Screened Clear


We are very thankful to Carol at Pliquette Kennels for allowing the wonderful Hattie to join us here at Kelcastle. She is a beautifully put together girl with a real sweet and fun loving personality.

Hattie will be selectively shown and undergo training to become a valuable member of our picking up team. 

She has fitted into our home perfectly and we hope she will become our foundation girl for our gundog breeding kennel.

She will be hip and elbow scored once of age.