Our next planned litter is between Una and Vegas. This will be a summer 2020 litter.


We are expecting a mixture of short and long coated puppies which will either be a dark sable or rich black & tan in colour. Puppies will be most suited for active, experienced family homes or for those wishing to take part in a canine sport like obedience, IPG, agility or working trials. Both Una and Vegas have lots of drive but are both steady in mind with excellent moderate structure. Pick bitch will be retained by ourselves for showing/working.


Our waiting list is now closed for this litter. 

Vylano Trouble

HD 6/5

ED 1

HUU/PD/MDR1 Clear 

DM Carrier

Lararth Vegas BH, Beg.EX

HD 5/4

ED 0/0 


Vylano GSD

Mersington - Scottish Borders