Established 2015 Vylano is hobby breeder of GSDs as well as providing a top quality grain free diet for working and show dogs throughout the UK. All of our dogs are fed exclusively on a Vylano Grain Free diet from puppy right through till senior. 

We are not a commercial dog breeding facility. All of our dogs live in the home and are our pets first and foremost.

We occasionally have a litter when we wish to keep a puppy back for ourselves. We combine some of the best available show & working lines in order to breed a GSD that conforms to the standard, is fit for function and is sound in body and mind.

Bringing beauty and brains together! 

Each litter is carefully planned and checked by the breed health co-ordinator prior to mating. 

Every litter is lavishly reared in the home with no expense spared and undergo an intensive socialisation programme. 


We believe health is paramount when breeding so all of our dogs are health tested above and beyond the KC recommendations.


If you have any questions about our food, dogs or the breed in general please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Vylano GSD

Mersington - Scottish Borders