Vylano Viva Vienna
Enjoyed some quality 1-on-1 time with th



DOB                                             21/02/2016

Height                                            59cm

HD                                                3/6       

ED                                                 0/2

Haemophilia                                   NA

Degenerative Myelopathy                  Carrier

Pituitary Dwarfism                             Clear

MDR1                                           Clear

MPS                                              TBC

IGP Titles                                        -

Competitive Obedience Titles             -

KC Good Citizen Award                   Bronze


Vienna's Sire : Lararth Vegas

HD 5/4 ED 0/0


Vienna's Dam : Beyonce z Gargamellu

HD/ED FCI Normal


Vienna is our first homebred bitch out of our foundation girl Booshka and stud dog Vegas.

She is an incredibly special girl to us and is the heart of our pack. She was tragically injured as a newborn baby leaving her with a broken jaw and palate. She was rushed to the vets leaving us fearing the worst! Incredibly less than two days later she returned home and she has never looked back. Fearless and oh so sassy she has bags of attitude and such a lovely free spirit. The injury has left her with a slightly short and twisted muzzle but it has not affected her love of life or kind hearted nature. Now spayed she will stay with us for life.



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