- Vylano Viva Vienna -


Date of Birth 21/02/2016

KC Bronze Good Citizen Award

BVA Hip Score - 3/6

BVA Elbow Score - 0/2

DNA Carrier Degenerative Myelopathy


DNA Clear Pituitary Dwarfism


DNA Clear MDR1  

DNA HUU - Pending

DNA MPS - Pending

Sire : Lararth Vegas BH

HD 5/4 ED 0

DNA Clear PD,DM & MDR1

Dam : Beyonce z Gargamellu

HD/ED A Normal

Vienna is our home bred female out of Vegas and Booshka. She is a super little lady with a very confident, outgoing temperament. Structurally she is very sire typical with excellent angulation front & rear, good length of body and strong bone. She has excellent pigmentation with a dark mask and eye. 
When Vienna was just a couple of weeks old she was accidentally injured leaving her with a broken jaw & palette. We were unsure if she was going to make it but being the fighter that she is she went from strength to strength as the weeks passed by. Sadly it has left her with a shortened and twisted muzzle meaning we are unable to show or work her but she is proving herself to be a wonderful member of the family and showing her true breed worth by her incredible temperament. 
11 months
7 Weeks
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12 Weeks
12 weeks
12 weeks
14 Weeks

Vylano GSD

Mersington - Scottish Borders